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Protection of intellectual property


Experts of AT Legal repeatedly successfully solved the difficult international cases concerning protection of the intellectual property.

One of such cases was in the field of right possession of the trademark for one of the large pharmaceutical companies contained the conflict round the trademark. Being guided by the provision of the legislation in the field of protection of intellectual property, in particular regulating relationship of subjects, owners of trademarks that in the Russian legislation it is reflected by article about the early termination of legal protection of the trademark owing to its non-use (point 1 of article 434 of the Federal constitutional law On arbitration courts in the Russian Federation); Using the Madrid protocol, competitors from India tried to tear away at the client of AT Legal in own favor a right to use the trademark. Lawyers managed to find catches to do not allow the loss of the principal of this non-material asset. Even in the countries having rich traditions and the fulfilled legislation, legal support, both in case of a resolution of conflicts, and is often necessary for the companies for the qualified help in registration of the property rights to results of intellectual activity and means of an individualization of legal entities, goods, works, services and the enterprises equated to them in order to avoid conflicts. Initial registration of the rights taking into account all nuances of the legislation and it can protect the owner from possible disputes.

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