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July 22, 2015

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Dispute resolution

August 26, 2015


To help companies operating in high-tech sectors of the economy team AT Legal considers one of its priorities. Thanks to knowledge of the market, the legislation and experience of A T Legal helps the IT companies to win tenders and auctions, among clients there are a lot of IT holdings and groups. But this case is given in connection with its curiosity. It characterizes difficult conditions in which it is necessary to develop business. As a result of the misunderstanding caused by accord of the name of the company client and other firm, whose property was subject to arrest, representatives of service of bailiffs rushed into affiliated division of the company - the Supply Reserve Center  tried to withdraw the equipment and property. Employees of A.T.Legal. came to the rescue of the client and didn't allow the actions capable to entail collapse of all business of processes of the enterprise of clients, eliminated reputation and financial risks for the company.


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